What kind of thinker am I?

Based on Kim Stanley Robinson’s definitions of the four different types of thinkers, I think I am an anti-anti-utopia thinker. I strongly believe that our society is not perfect, but it could be better if certain changes were made. It is almost like a happy middle between a dystopian and utopian thinker. This is because both the pros and the cons are considered fully considered while thinking of ways to improve society. A dystopian thinker is very pessimistic and exaggerates the negative things in life. Utopian thinker ignores the bad and believes they live in a perfect society. The complete opposite of an anti-anti-utopian thinker is an anti-utopian thinker. An anti-utopian thinker acknowledges that things are not ideal but chooses to live with it because they don’t believe it can improve. I think the problem in our society is that most people are either anti-utopian or utopian thinkers. That is one of the reasons why it takes so long for changes to be made. We also often have leaders in power that believe that they are making a substantial difference in society, but it just seems like drops in the ocean. It is because people either neglect that there are changes to be made or they believe that if things are changed, it will make things worse instead of better.
An example of my anti-anti-utopian ideology is making universal health care a reality. I strongly believe that universal health care is a necessity to make sure everyone has access to the medical care that they need. Many people disagree and see health care as a benefit that comes from having a job or that some people not having health care is just unfortunate for the people that it affects and, therefore, no changes should be made. A utopian thinker would even acknowledge that it is an issue because our society is perfect as it is.

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