The Five Faces of Oppression

A specific example of marginalization in the United States is the education system. People that come from poorer neighborhoods are not given a chance to succeed in the professional world because of the education system. Poorer communities usually have schools that are overfilled and underfunded, and this causes them to have lower test scores, limiting their options for what they can do after high school. Currently, unless you go to a trade school or college, it is very difficult to find a well-paying job that allows you to move up in socioeconomic class. Then the cycle repeats itself, and the same happens to the next generation. Meanwhile, in richer and nicer neighborhoods, the kids are able to do well and either stay in the same socioeconomic class but also have the power to move up.
An example of cultural imperialism is how the social culture in America is usually the same as white culture. Until recently, most pop culture icons and movies were white people. Different minorities had to create a space for themselves to be seen in the same light. Although some movies and tv shows had minorities, they often played characters that showed negative stereotypes from their communities. The caucasian characters were usually rich families, and the minority character was the maid. Or if there was a show where the minority was the main character, they were usually poor or had some unconventional living situation. For example, African Americans made BET. Although not everything that was on BET showed African Americans in the best way, it at least showed them in positive ways as well. This is important because representation can truly make a difference in the social world. By not showcasing different cultures, it can make it seem that they do not matter or are not as important.

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