My Utopia

If I were in charge of a utopia, I would make sure that there was no discrimination and do my best to ensure that everyone’s basic needs were taken care of. There is no reason why people should be homeless or not have food to eat. The free housing in my utopia includes the basic necessities and would only be for people who can not afford to purchase a home or rent an apartment. I would also make it easy and accessible for people, especially families, to get approved for government programs like EBT. Another basic necessity that would be included in my utopia is free basic health care. This would consist of all health care visits that were necessary and not for things that would be cosmetic. For example, a heart transplant would be free, but liposuction would not be covered. I would also make it illegal to own any automatic firearm or anything more than a pistol or a shotgun. I believe that anything more than that is unnecessary.
My ideal society is one where there is peace and freedom. It is crucial for people to feel safe and for their needs to be met to be productive members of society. This would also allow people to do things they want to do instead of being confined to what they have to do to survive and make ends meet. Although racism and discrimination are currently illegal now, people still do it and are not punished for it unless it goes viral. If I were in charge, I would do my best to make sure that everyone had equal opportunity and freedom. Not just socially but also changing the economic and government systems that we currently have. This would make it easier for people that were in poor communities to be able to move up socioeconomically.

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