Is Freud Right?

Freud believes that any form of government does human nature a disservice. I think that he was correct, and I can agree with some of the points that he made. Freud believes that humans are supposed to be free in every single way, and certain forms of government can impede a person’s happiness. Even democracy can negatively affect a person’s happiness, especially when leaders in power are doing things for their benefit and not listening to the people they’re supposed to be serving. It is also impossible to please everyone because everyone has different wants and needs. Therefore, humans have different opinions on what should and should not be legal and how a problem should be fixed. For example, some people believe in the death sentence, while others believe a prison sentence is enough. But without a form of government, the human race would be worse off because there would be too much freedom.
I slightly disagree with Freud about humans having a form of government being a bad thing, and I think that without any form of government, there would be no order in the world. There had to be a reason that the human race created different forms of government. Historically, before people could travel internationally, most ancient civilizations had some form of a power chain along with how decisions would be made.
Even without a government, I still believe that somehow people would still be unhappy. As humans, we often think about what would happen if things were different without being thankful for what we currently have. This is, of course, because we are curious by nature. However, we will never be happy as a society if we continue to do this. That does not mean that our current community is perfect because there are always improvements that could be made.

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