University of Dystopia- a College of ALL majors


-The university of Dystopia welcomes all majors, as all majors are a part of a college dystopia, regardless of location. Please do not be alarmed by the lack of parking, safe monitoring, staff, classes available, overspending on unnecessary items, lack of living quarters, lack of monitoring living quarters, etc. Please get all work done by the assign due date, even if you pass away. –

College = Stress + Debt + social problems + personal problems + health problems (not including mental health because there are no sick days in college) + money problems (outside of student loans there is a struggle of livelihood) + anxiety + harsh deadlines + THIS LIST CAN GO ON + … +…+

Knowing what we know about a dystopia, the constant stress, no real happiness, the constant worry and anxiety, the feeling of unsafe or unsettling, (the list could go on), this describes a college student. Ironically also a prisoner but that’s a conversation I don’t think the world is ready for. While higher education, in any realm is a dystopia based on the stress alone, per the equation above there are many factors that play into making this a dystopia. Examples: What about the 2-5 years of experience you need to have in order to get a job that actually USES the degree? Or the low salary you get because you have the experience but being fresh out of college means you’re right back at square one in life. These examples are 2 of the most common students you’ll find on any campus. They show the holes we have in society were pushing for college doesn’t really equate to the “utopia” of getting out. A utopian college is one that provide full support of its students and can track that support. Not the expensive bus wrap or the fancy automatic doors, but the extra tutors in the math department and so much more.

What’s so interesting is that the equation is the same for all majors no matter where they are. I’ll use twitter as a prime generation Z example. There’s a trending topic that you can follow for likeminded tweets called “College Life”, and you only need 5 minutes to see that everybody is going through similar situations, from homework and professors to just living on a college campus, it’s difficult. That twitter topic spells everything out right there.

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