Snowden vs. the U.S Privacy Status

Snowden believes that the current state of today’s privacy status will be what kills us all in the end. The way we allow technology to have so much access to us and then give some human access to that data, is walking a very thin line over hot lava. His claim, as much as society would hate to admit it, is spot on for what’s happening in America right now. The government has too much of a front row seat to our lives out of the guise of safety based on a tragic incident that happened 20 years ago. The irony is instead of using the technology mainly as international spyware, they use it domestically, and not even on the real terrorist. The U.S is like those really overbearing mothers, (like that show where the ADULT kid and the mom spend every waking moment together and the mother knows all the business and the ADULT kid is okay with it), and we’re just now leaving a joking “oh my FBI agent working today” status and entering into “oh my FBI agent ain’t working today” status. Interesting time, interesting time.

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