Dystopian Reality

I define a dystopia as an environment surrounded by pain and the illusion of pleasure, restricted by fear and oppression.

Dystopias are known for being fearful, stressful, and non-peaceful. With that, the illusion of pleasure is one of the biggest characteristics because of the never-ending cycle of pain and struggle that engulfs the society. Sigmund Freud describes this saying “most of these satisfactions follow the model of the ‘cheap enjoyment’ extolled in the anecdote”. Ironically, we never notice how this false sense of security can create an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety in the long run. The constant struggle on all sides, Iris Young describes this as the 5 faces of oppression, wears and tears down the integrity of a society and ultimately could lead to the downfall. She describes this saying, “racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, some social movements asserted, are distinct forms of oppression with their own dynamics apart from the dynamics of class, even though they may interact with class oppression”. These versions of oppression coupled with the illusion of peace, happiness, and pleasure create the iconic dystopias we see today.

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