On the Word: ‘Dystopia”

When people think of the word ‘Dystopia’, it is almost certain that more than half of the room would believe it to be a place filled with horror, disaster, famine and many more things. It is also not rare for individuals to relate certain movies such as “The Hunger Games” or “Divergent” to be the epitome of what a Dystopia is characterized as. I believe this to be true because a dystopia is a setting in which people have no freedom or autonomy over their own lives; They live in a controlled and secured environment in which those in power only seek to continue the repression of the right of others. I always think of Thomas More’s “Utopia”. I read it a while back in a previous English class and I learned that although a perfect society does not exist, in order to have freedom, one must give up some other form of freedom in order to make sure everyone is at least content and comfortable. When looking at movies such as the two listed earlier as well as other films depict hard working people who are constantly treated less than human compared to those who have money, are in power, or even both. Those who have the money and power to control things do so and live comfortably while the others must do unimaginable and even horrifying things in order to gain some sort of recognition from those who truly have control. For this reason, this is why I would define the term in such a manner. In my most humble opinion, I feel that a great example of a dystopia would be the society that we are living in today. I am not the most political individual, but the term ‘Dystopia’ and our modern-day society are synonymous with one another. Pay attention to what you see and hear on the news, really take it in and then the picture becomes more clear.

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