Is Climate Change Oppression?

My Point of View

I believe that climate change can be a form of oppression because of how marginalized, undeserved and poor communities are treated when they are stuck by a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, drought etc. Many people in these communities do not have the resources to just up and leave when something like this happens. In fact, these communities are the most vulnerable to the harsh realities of climate change and due to the lack of resources, their lies a lack of preparation. We have seen it so many times every time something happens. I see this as a form of oppression because the policy makers who are supposed to serve their state and or city turn a blind eye to those living in communities that are at a higher risk when a natural disaster occurs. The EPA states, ” the most severe harms from climate change fall disproportionately upon underserved communities who are least able to prepare for, and recover from, heat waves, poor air quality, flooding, and other impacts” (EPA press office). This might sound light to some readers but you have to take into account that those also living in these communities do not have access to affordable healthcare so in case of an emergency, that individual only has two options: Go to the hospital and be charged thousands of dollars in exchange for your life to be saved or, you could take the risk and hope for the best because you do not want to put your family in a financial bind. This is why climate change is a form of oppression.

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