My Privacy: Am I Willing To Give It Up?

I can agree with the statement that today’s internet has surpassed the prisoned imagined by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th Century. In my opinion, the 21st Century internet represents an exchange or bargain. If you need an example, consider COVID-19 and the policies the Government had in place during this pandemic. Though COVID-19 Policies were in place due to the need for public safety, Citizens were obligated to release personal data (I.E. Body Temperature, Symptoms, Previous cases of COVID-19) in order to ensure the spread of the illness would be less likely in public settings. Consider the release of private information when thinking about the Pandemic. Think about how companies had to transition employees from Cybersecurity protected work environments to at home environments, using their basic, malware-protected internet systems. Though these pose no imminent threat, it is still important to access the risk that comes along with relinquishing private and personal data to the government.

If I am being honest, the thought about exchanging private information for rewards has never crossed my mind until now. Though I have always been one to read fine print, it hadn’t dawned on me that the release of private information could be potentially helpful, especially with today’s internet. The only instance that I would willingly surrender private information or data to the government, would be to ensure public safety and advocate for fundamental human rights. Even in that instance, I would read the fine print in order to ensure I wouldn’t be subjected to any risk factors, harm, and etc., in doing so. In this case–essentially because I am both human and a part of the public–the reward would be my safety ensured and my fundamental rights advocated for. Beyond this reasoning, I wouldn’t willingly surrender my private information to the internet due to how in-depth the internet may go. There are many risks associated with search engines, and it is important to know what you are getting into when accessing certain websites that may not be secured or protected.

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