A Functioning Dystopia (class)

Because I am a visual learner, I would appreciate a bit more visual content in class. This content could include short videos (1 to 2 minutes) of what a dystopia looks like and how it has been portrayed in the real world. For example, short informational videos on the holocaust and pandemics. This will allow students to have more clarity on what dystopias look like (how a dystopia comes in various forms) and how we may come across them without even recognizing it. Following the classes’ viewing of these videos, we could point out and discuss what truly made what was portrayed a dystopia. Students could even contribute, with the professor’s approval, visual content on dystopian shows or real-world events for their peers to watch for the for first couple of minutes of class. This will prove the class’ knowledge of a dystopia and the ability to connect it to real-world events.

Though there are no activities particularly hurting my learning experience, there are activities that are not aiding my learning experience in any fashion. The required annotations have not been of any usage to me. With the required annotations, unless I am the first commenter, I feel pressure to write something in any available place. This reduces my ability to truly dissect the article for its relevance to the course. Also, I often find the content of the articles uninteresting, out of date, and wordy. This, too, reduces my ability to relate the articles to the class. If articles must be required, I believe that there are articles directly relating to society today that I would be more intrigued by.

Class discussions and group activities are assisting my learning experience the most. The multiple perspectives of my peers, in addition to my own, has provided a thorough outlook and analysis on dystopias. I have begun to actually look forward to my group and class discussions to receive my peers’ thoughts on what we have learned. I am able to step into the shoes of others to gain more understanding and soak in the content we dissect in class. I have also gained a great appreciation for the detailed, timely, and clear communication organized by Dr. Todd. We, as a class, are never left in the dark about our grades, due dates, or instructions. This transparency has resulted in my learning experience being smoother and even more pleasurable.

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